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The Big Lebowski

Now that I'm 4 years in to my LA experience, I've been thinking about the Big Lebowski a lot. A whole lot. And watching it. It's been very exciting to realize I work next to the diner where Walter tells the Dude he can get a toe. I live next to an In-N-Out Burger in North Hollywood. The Coen Bros. live in LA and so do I! The similarities never end.


What the hell is the movie about? I mean, it's gotta be about something, right? One of the truly best parts of the movie is how it leads you to believe, to truly know, there must be more to the story of bowlers and ballers, artists and nihilists, and jerks and jerk-offs. A quick Google of "What is The Big Lebowski about?" shows I'm not alone. The New York Times and the academics are even in on the act.

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