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5 Hit-Testing Algorithms

There are plenty of folks talking about the efficacy of tools claiming to predict the financial success of artistic endeavors. I thought it would be fun to aggregate a list of some of the algorithms out there, so here goes. In no particular order:

uPlaya claims to give artists the ability to upload a song and "an immediate assessment of its Hit Potential." It even includes a 2 Free Song trial. uPlaya also offers an assortment of marketing tools and services to help get your song(s) noticed. Chuck D liked it so much he's their spokesman now.

HP's Social Computing Lab "focuses on methods for harvesting the collective intelligence of groups of people in order to realize greater value from the interaction between users and information." So with this idea in mind they went out and decided to predict box office receipts using Twitter. While you can't buy the service yet it's pretty interesting to read about.

Epagogix claims to "assist in identifying and developing scripts, and in transforming scripts with low Box Office revenue potential into properties that can be profitably produced and distributed." This is the company wrote about in his article "The Formula" and is discussed in the MIT article "What People Want (and How to Predict It)".

Platinum Blue Music's product, Music X-Ray, couples their music-parsing algorithm with a platform to facilitate communication between artists and industry professionals, making it easier for both to find the content, tools, resources, and advice they may need.

Any other good algorithms floating around out there?

Reader Comments (2)

Be sure to include Jay Frank's work here, too.


July 3, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterbmoczydlowsky

Totally! Jay Frank's great. Thanks, bmoczydlowsky!

July 3, 2010 | Unregistered Commenternogoyo

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