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How to improve your Facebook Wall post performance by up to 300%: The EDGE? Rules

If you manage a brand’s Facebook presence, you likely ask yourself “How can I improve my Wall posts?” In response to this question, Buddy Media recently conducted a study to determine a set of Wall post best practices. Based on their findings, I created 5 simple to ensure my Brand Pages follow Buddy Media’s Strategies for Effective Facebook Wall Posts:

  1. EIGHTY CHARACTERS. Keep your posts under 80 characters in length.
  1. DESCRIPTIVE URL. Use your brand’s full-length URLs when possible, use a brand-specific short URL (e.g. http://pep.si/ocLU) when the 80 character limit is an issue.
  2. GOOD TIMING. Publish your posts a.) outside of normal business hours and b.) on the days best suited for your brand’s industry.
  3. EFFECTIVE KEYWORDS. Request actions with LIKE, TAKE, SUBMIT, POST, COMMENT, and TELL US. Describe promotions with EVENT, WINNER, OFFER, NEW, and WIN.
  4. ? Ask questions at the end of your post using the interrogatives WHERE, WHEN, WOULD, or SHOULD.

Notice the first character of each rule spells the phrase “EDGE?? Makes them easy to put into practice. When you’re writing a post, ask yourself “Does this Wall Post have the EDGE?” 

That’s it — just follow the EDGE? rules and your Wall posts conform with proven best practices that have been shown to yield consistently higher-than-average fan engagement rates.

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Outer space being recovering nicely from terrible illness.

So glad to hear Victor Vector (human name: Jonny) is recovering from pneumonia and a literal near-death experience. Light-speed, Mr. Vector.



Linkin Park - New Site Lanch

Linkin Park launched a great site today that offers their fans a lot of really great access and preferential treatment opportunities. They’re offering a host of packages, inlcuding online only merch and special box sets. The kicker - if you buy any of the current special packages, you’ll receive exclusive early access to the best seats at their shows automatically.

Digging further, if you buy a ticket to one of their shows via the site, you can add VIP CONCIERGE SERVICE which includes:

  • VIP entrance with parking

  • Access to pre-show VIP Area with appetizers and a cash bar

  • Concierge merchandise service

  • Exclusive LINKIN PARK T-Shirt

  • Official tour book and collectible laminate

  • On-site concierge

All this can be had for $199.95 for ticket buyers, and $149.95 for LPUX Members (their fan club).

Now I’m sure all this extra VIP service isn’t free for the band and takes a ton of extra coordination, but I’m sure they’re making a profit off of each sale and building trust and rapport with their fans at the same time by offering unique ways to engage with the band and the music.

Now I’m not a fan of Linkin Park at all. I don’t like their music. But I LOVE how they’re putting together a great experience for their fans, and ultimately that’s what this is about. Nice work.


Elustric E-Cars are Go!

Electric Car License Plates 1914 Detroit Electric Car running board logo Electric Car. Dodge Circuit electric concept car EV-GT40


Check out the news on Intercourse (beer)

Reuters featured Nicole Courides and Intercourse Brewing Co. in a fun piece.

My favorite quote:

“Are you serious about this?,”… was the email response from federal officials at the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, following an application for a labeling permit… 

Way to go Nicole - show ‘em how it’s done.

Nicole CouridesIn case you can’t get “Blue Ball Porter” in your area, you can at least get some merch at the Intercourse Brewing Co. website.